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Welcome to Cape Town


Careful YES!, but ......

The topic of security has gained importance in the tourism industry in recent years and has become an essential criterion for many travellers when choosing their holiday destination. In principle, this is absolutely correct, but with all caution, one must also remain realistic. Like all major cities globally, Cape Town has its crime problem, especially when it comes to robbery and break-ins. The tremendous social differences and the differences in income and wealth are the breeding ground for this. Therefore, caution in everyday behaviour is advisable, and a certain reluctance to present one's valuables in public, such as jewellery, watches, cameras and full wallets.

Unfortunately, over time, the negative reporting in the European media about crime in South Africa has gained the upper hand. One could get the impression that living in South Africa is generally very dangerous. There is usually no differentiation between the major regions such as Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, and the regional view of the city districts and suburbs is completely ignored. We feel this is unfair concerning the Western Cape in general and Cape Town and the southern suburbs in particular. As I said, caution is essential everywhere, but hypersensitivity or even panic is out of place!

We have been living in the Constantia Valley since the beginning of 2005, probably the safest residential area in the greater Cape Town area. We have had no problem with the subject of crime over the years, apart from one garage break-in.


The reasons for this are as follows:

  • The access roads to our area are permanently monitored with high-resolution cameras aimed both at the vehicles as a whole and their drivers and at the number plates of the cars.
  • A total of 16 cameras provide a view of almost every corner of the property, as well as the garages and the entrance hall.
  • Many lamps and spotlights illuminate the plot of land at night, both around the building (38) and on the outer wall (9). This illumination is not only beneficial for safety but also creates an "enchanting" atmosphere.
  • The outdoor area and all buildings are entirely equipped with an elaborate alarm system with motion detectors, laser beams and door and window contacts, making unnoticed access, especially at night, impossible.
  • The alarm system is connected to a private security service (armed response), whose employees patrol our residential area and are with us within 2 to 5 minutes in the event of an alarm being triggered.
  • Our two lovely dogs are very good watchers and tell us everything is going on in front of and on the property.

There is a safe in each accommodation unit for our guests' valuables.

Welcome to Constantia
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We're looking forward to welcoming you to Constantia Cottages, Cape Town.
All of our TGCSA 4-Star Holiday Homes are double glazed and have double bedrooms and full bathrooms en-suite, aircon or underfloor heating. The lounges are fitted with Internet-linked Smart-TVs and fast access to the Internet (100 mbps fibre optic line, uncapped) for the guest's devices.