Daisies along the West Coast

Did you ever hear about the Namaqualand in South Africa before? "Viewing flowers" could be an unforgettable experience of your trip to the southern tip of Africa. Square kilometers of daisies that are on display along South Africa’s West Coast between Mid August and Mid September, depending on rainfall.

Namaqualand National Park

The Namaqualand region is probably the most famous location to view the millions of flowers that bloom during the late winter/early spring season. From Cape Town it is about 500 km north, quiet far for a day trip. You have to stay in Springbok or in the Namaqualand National Park.

Alternatively just one hour’s drive from Cape Town is the West Coast National Park. The Postberg area, famous for the flowering daisies in the park is open only during these months of the year. Worth a visit!

Written by : cc